Our Journal

We are keeping records of this journey in hopes that is will be of benifit to other families who find themselves going down this path.  The unknown is scary and we are just begining this trek.  WE DON"T have any idea what troubles, trials and hurdles we may cross.  We sincearly wish for the best, not only for our Noah but for any child facing the battle with leukimia.   We may be in for a very long endevour.  We hope our journey can help others as well. Please if you are reading this take a moment and go to the "Wishing Noah Well" page and send him an Electronic Postcard!

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Posts from MOM

Ankle Xrays

Noah is getting scans of his ankles this morning for his foot and ankle pain!

Dinner Out

For the first time in 2 years, Noah was able to go and visit his sister Kayla at her apartment for a couple of hours.

First post treatment checkup

Noah had his first month follow up since finishing treatment. His counts are slowly coming back into range. It will take a few more months

First post treatment clinic check

One month off treatment follow up at clinic! Going in for a count check and port flush!

One Month off Chemo

Today marks one month that Noah has been off chemo! To be honest…it feels amazing all around. Noah has been feeling great…our lives are slowly

3rd week off Chemo

Hey guys! Can you believe Noah is starting his 3rd week off of treatment already!!? He has been feeling amazing since being off chemo! His

First Dental Appointment

Noah had his first dental appointment since he was diagnosed. He had to take a dose of antibiotics before heading into get his cleaning and

11 days OFF Chemo

Noah has been off chemo for 11 days now and he woke up today telling me how amazing it feels to not wake up feeling

What a DAY!

Good morning @everyone First of all…I want to thank every single one of you! Yesterday was an amazing day for our family…especially for Noah and

Bell Day is here!

Today is BELL DAY for Noah! The day he has been waiting for…and has been for a very very long time! We will be live

Tomorrows the DAY!

Hi @everyone Tomorrow is Noah’s BIG DAY! He will be ringing his END OF TREATMENT BELL! So many emotions for our family! 793 days we

Noah goes fishing

Noah goes out for a little fishing trip with Dad

Last Lumbar Puncture

Guys….it’s getting close! In 3 days and God willing…Noah will have his last Lumbar Puncture with Intrathecal (IT) chemotherapy. He will have his last dose

Last Lumbar

2 days Noah will receive his last lumbar puncture with IT chemo in his spine and his final Vinchristine chemo through his port! . He

Every day may not be good

“Every day may not be good…but there’s something good in every day!”

Posts from DAD

Day 1 Maintenance

Today is Wednesday September 29th.  This is the first day of maintenance for our Super Hero Noah.  He begins what is called maintenance.  This is

Happy Plate

One of the side effects from the Chemo is the loss of appetite.  To watch Noah want to eat and then not be able to

Tell me this isn’t tough.

These are the days when I sit by myself and just cry.  Gina is at the clinic with Noah while they check his numbers (draw

He is NOT cured.

Gina and I had a very long talk yesterday about comments we hear from people about Noah and his battle with Leukemia. “He will be

HE is OUR strength.

I know I do not get to post very often.  It is not because I have nothing to say, rather I spend so much time

Steroid induced hunger

Trying to EAT?!?

We are now into the hardest phase of Noah’s Treatment.  He has 4-8 pills to take twice a day.  The tears and pleading each time

Dad and his warrior on proceedure day.

This could be BAD!

We’ll,  Here we are.  Week 19.  This is when Noah will begin his next phase.  Delayed Intensification.  My wife “Gina” knows all about this phase. 

School 05/14/21

Today Noah is in School.  This is the day after his Chemo day at the clinic.  He had a little bit of an upset tummy

First trip to the ER

Just a quick, (or not so quick) update. We had a scare this last week with Noah. We have been told to expect many emergency

First Hospital RUN!

We were told this would happen.  We have been incredibly vigilant but here we are.  Gina has taken Noah to the hospital.  Noah woke up

Good News

Noah’s ANC numbers(“Absolute Neutrophil Count”) went from 130 to 3800 in just 5 days!  His body is producing white blood cells.  This means that his

Brought me to tears.

The other day I decided to fix an issue with Noah’s Videos.  Many of them we a poorly copied version of the real video.  The

A Bump in the road

We thought we were making progress. Noah has been drinking as he should but has had virtually no appetite the last few days. Today he

Things are getting tough

Noah is not eating as he should.  Yesterday all he had all day was 1/4 piece of toast with some peanut butter on it.  He

Haunting ME!

Look at those eyes.  This poor boy on his way in to get another round of chemo.  Two shots directly into his chest port.  These

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