Tell me this isn’t tough.

These are the days when I sit by myself and just cry.  Gina is at the clinic with Noah while they check his numbers (draw blood) and pump him up with more of the horrible chemo that we hope will save his life.  While I stay at home with our daughter sleeping and me working in the office on his website.  Looking at all the photos of Noah.  Uploading the current photos while looking at the old photos and getting my heart ripped out.  Noah is so amazing it is beyond words and we do not show any weakness in front of him at any time.  We are contantly positive and supportive and always tell him how great he is doing and what an amazing super hero he is!  To tell you the truth most of that is not far from the truth.  Noah is amazing.  He gets out of bed each day without being asked.  He gets dressed without any fuss and when it is time to leave to go to the clinic he does so with no issues at all.  HE is our strength and is such an amazing super kid.  It is because of this we would give him anything!  His will and positivity is just amazing.  For us to watch what the treatment does to his poor body is so sad and we must keep telling ourselves this is saving his life.  We also must keep watch for all sorts of other issues in the future to guard his health going forward.  I sure hope he gets his beautiful hair and eyelashes back!