First Hospital RUN!

We were told this would happen.  We have been incredibly vigilant but here we are.  Gina has taken Noah to the hospital.  Noah woke up this morning crying.  He said he just did not feel well.  Mom took his temperature and it was 100.5.  That is the temperature we have been told to watch for.  100.5 or more and they have instructed us to bring him straight to the ER.  Not wanting to jump to conclusions we used a second thermometer and checked again.  Still 100.2.  We then monitored his temps every 20 minutes using two different thermometers.  100.4, 100.5, 100.2, 100.8.  We finally called the clinic and we were told take him in.  Today is three days after his last chemo.  Noah normally runs a temp in the 99+ range the 48 hours after his chemo, but we are well past that time frame.  All I can do right now is hope, pray and sit by the phone to hear word from my wife.

Noah was such a trooper,  did not cry or wine about having to go to the hospital.  Got dressed and mom dressed his port so they could draw blood.  He was so strong and compliant as always.  Bless that young warrior!