Keep fighting Noah.



Hey buddy… i hope you are doing good. First of all congratulations for making it through 200 days of treatment and chemo, you made it this far now its only a short distance to go and i know very well that you can and you will do it. And loved your food reviews and your dance too. I can say that i have never some one as brave as you. You are a strong man. So get well soon my dear and keep pushing . You have to go through many difficulties but i think your parents love and prayers and ours too can make your journey a little easier. When you are tensed about something just smile(trust me it helps a lot) or just hug your mom , dad or sister. They love you and we all love you Noah. Just stay strong and you will beat this. I will pray for your speedy recovery and lots of love to you, your sister and your parents…❤ U will beat this..