Today is Wednesday September 29th.  This is the first day of maintenance for our Super Hero Noah.  He begins what is called maintenance.  This is the first day of (6)Continue Reading

One of the side effects from the Chemo is the loss of appetite.  To watch Noah want to eat and then not be able to is more than a littleContinue Reading

Gina and I had a very long talk yesterday about comments we hear from people about Noah and his battle with Leukemia. “He will be just fine” “They can cureContinue Reading

Steroid induced hunger

We are now into the hardest phase of Noah’s Treatment.  He has 4-8 pills to take twice a day.  The tears and pleading each time we sit down to takeContinue Reading

Dad and his warrior on proceedure day.

We’ll,  Here we are.  Week 19.  This is when Noah will begin his next phase.  Delayed Intensification.  My wife “Gina” knows all about this phase.  She has researched it onContinue Reading

Today Noah is in School.  This is the day after his Chemo day at the clinic.  He had a little bit of an upset tummy last night but so farContinue Reading

We were told this would happen.  We have been incredibly vigilant but here we are.  Gina has taken Noah to the hospital.  Noah woke up this morning crying.  He saidContinue Reading