3rd week off Chemo

Hey guys! Can you believe Noah is starting his 3rd week off of treatment already!!?
He has been feeling amazing since being off chemo! His feet and ankles are the only thing bothering him, they just hurt when he is outside playing. He is rebuilding a lot of muscle that he had lost during treatment and he has such great energy!
We go back to clinic in two weeks for a count check and I am anxious to see how much his counts are improving!
Noah has been back to skiing about once a week now and asked me if he could play fall soccer this year!
It is a great feeling knowing how good his little body has been feeling.
We are slowly getting back into the groove of normalcy. We had our first little gathering for Easter with his grandparents, his older sister and her husband. He had his first dental appointment last week…since his diagnosis. He has an eye appointment next week and then back to his cardiologist for a full follow up the week after.
As always, we will continue to keep you all updated on Noah post treatment and he is looking forward to some more cool
Food review soon!