School 05/14/21

Today Noah is in School.  This is the day after his Chemo day at the clinic.  He had a little bit of an upset tummy last night but so far today no issues.  However we will be watching him closely this weekend since most of the rotten effects from the chemo do not show up till 48 – 72 hours after treatment.  In addition they again have increased his dosages, so this may be a tough weekend.  He now has a 16 day break till he will enter his next phase of treatment.  The next phase is called “Delayed Intensification”.  We have been informed that this is one of the toughest phases.  He will receive 3 different types of chemo and steroids and antibiotics.  His poor little body will return the sad shell we were witness to the first 3-6 weeks of Induction.  Noah asked “do I have to take the blue pill that makes my face puffy?”  The answer was Yes Noah you do.  He was so upset..  Again this is so hard for him and makes mom and I feel so helpless.

Thank you all for your support!

Jeff (AKA DAD)