Haunting ME!

Look at those eyes.  This poor boy on his way in to get another round of chemo.  Two shots directly into his chest port.  These are new types of chemo and no idea how he will react.  I just see horrified fear in those eyes.  Maybe it’s the anxiety or apprehension in my heart, fearing a bad result that I am seeing in his eyes.  I feel so helpless, since my stroke, I am unable to earn a living to support my family as I have in the past.  We had a tough night last night with his temperature flirting with hospitalization all night.  His blood work yesterday was decent so they upped the dosage of the chemo.  This is not even the bad part yet.  In a few weeks, we will enter another new phase of his treatment where he will have an even further increased dosage of chemo and the introduction of steroids like we had back in weeks 3-6.  The steroids made Noah quite ill and this next phase will last for 8 weeks.

Please if you can.  Donate to his GoFund me.  Purchase a “Noah’s Heroes” wristband if you have not already and PRAY..  We are far from out of the woods yet.