What a DAY!

Good morning @everyone
First of all…I want to thank every single one of you! Yesterday was an amazing day for our family…especially for Noah and the love that was poured out onto our family was breathtaking! Thank you for taking time out of your day to celebrate…near and far with us!
It was such a busy day and I tried my best to respond to every single person who has reached out or commented. I want you all to know that I appreciate everything you have done for my family. The love, support and prayers have such an impact on families going through these types of journeys. You guys are our village. You are Noahsheroes!
Looking back 793 days ago, this day was no where in our sights. We were devastated beyond belief and our world was slowly crumbling around us! It took so many hard days, so many scary days and a lot of emotional days to get where we were yesterday! Not once did I let it break me! It came close…very close, but who would have thought a small 6 year old boy would open my eyes and give me the strength that I needed.
I give all the credit to Noah! He was the one who fought and physically suffered throughout these 793 days. All I did is what any mother would do for their child. I loved him unconditionally! I comforted him….I held him. I stayed up throughout the long hard nights with him! I was there no matter what he needed…and through every single thing he endured! I prayed by his side and told him how proud I was of him each and every day throughout his treatment! He is truly my little hero! When I look at him I see such a strong, determined and happy little boy who finally gets his life back!
Noah has a second chance at life and I will stand by his side and watch him thrive and love every minute of it.
Here is what “Post Treatment” will look like for Noah!
Noah’s ANC was 1380 yesterday and the rest of his numbers look good. It will take about 6 months for his counts to get back to normal. Noah’s port will stay in for about three months and if his counts keep increasing and doing well…hopefully by June/July his port will be removed. Noah will be seen in clinic monthly up to one year for count checks. After one year of monthly checks…he will then move onto every three months…then 6 months and then yearly checks. These count checks will check to make sure Noah’s body is still staying in remission.
I will continue to post updates here in his group and I thank you all for everything! I feel like I cannot say “thank you” enough! I appreciate all the love you have shown for us all! We love you all!
If you know someone who may be going through a similar journey…or may need someone to talk to…don’t hesitate to send them my way. I am here to talk or help answer any questions.