Tomorrows the DAY!

Hi @everyone
Tomorrow is Noah’s BIG DAY! He will be ringing his END OF TREATMENT BELL! 🔔
So many emotions for our family! 793 days we have been waiting for this moment with Noah!
He will be joined by Jeff…Myself, Ava, Kayla along with her husband Jonathan, and Noah’s grandparents, Jim & Connie.
I know many of you have asked me about going “live” when Noah rings his bell so you all could be a part of his celebration. Jeff is going to go live in this group only for you all to celebrate with Noah!
He is scheduled tomorrow 3/30 at 10:30am (Eastern). He will need to get his counts drawn first…so I am estimating around 11am for his bell ringing. I will also be updating, just in case.
Noah is super excited and is loving life Chemo free! 💛🎗️🔔
Thank you for all the love and support throughout Noah’s journey and I hope you stick around to see Noah thrive with life! 💛