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"Gina & Jeff"

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From our friends.

You’re the Man

Thank you for being such a strong advocate for people living with cancer, including me! I’m so impressed by your toughness and compassion. A rare combination in anyone, let alone

Dignita Hernandez

Darielys I really support you i hope your ok Noah

Hope to ski soon with you

Hope you feel better soon. I would like to ski with you when Jodi comes back. When you feel better we could have a play date 🙂

get well soon

Conlan yayyy next year you’ll get out of the hospital. From DAD,  To clarify, Noah is not in the hospital currently.  He goes weekly to check his blood and to

To noah!

Cody Well done noah! We came to sub to you because of ZHC! Well done for getting this far!

Praying for you Noah

Bryn Holmgren Praying for you Noah that your cancer goes away very soon. You are also very inspiring! 🧡

Keep going!

Brandon H I found out about this through youtube. It is so very touching to see Noah staying positive. We all love you Noah, and I know your parents love

hi noah happy birthday

benji hi Noah I hope you are having fun day have a good birthday making snow cones

Hi Noah!

Kirill Your channel is awesome, I’m just a 9 year old who also wants to start a channel. I hope your doing good!  NoahsHeroes

Keep fighting Noah.

Rohit Hey buddy… i hope you are doing good. First of all congratulations for making it through 200 days of treatment and chemo, you made it this far now its

Noah's Heroes Wristbands

Order your Noah's Heroes Wristband today.  $5 each and $1.50 shipping for up to 5 wristbands per order.  All proceeds will go directly to Noah's treatment costs.  The first order will be in on or about Feb 8th.  Orders will be processed in the order they are received.  Order yours today!


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P.S. So far we have had to only delete one nasty note, Thank you to so many nice people and we feel sad for that one who felt they had to write something mean.

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