Things are getting tough

Noah is not eating as he should.  Yesterday all he had all day was 1/4 piece of toast with some peanut butter on it.  He ate a twizzler for a snack after his bedtime meds.  We knew this was coming but you just can not prepare for it.  The tears and trials of getting him to take his medications and the lethargic laying around are hard to watch.  Even at lunch when mom made his favorite dish ( Mac & Cheese) he would cry at the thought of eating and with the first spoonful, he gaged and started to cry hysterically.  Such a hard time for him.  His last clinic visits his numbers we ok so they upped the dosage of chemo.  Noah is such an amazing young man dealing with what he has so far and we know the next phase will be even harder for him.  He will go back for more blood work and another treatment in just a few days.  We hope he can eat soon and build up his strength before the next dose of chemo.

We keep remembering that no matter how hard this is for us to watch it is even harder for him to endure.  I have so much love for this young man all I want to do is lie beside him and hold him.


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  1. I wrote some words, then deleted them. It’s hard to say anything helpful. Know we’re with you and please share hugs from us. I hope today is a good day.

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