A Bump in the road

We thought we were making progress. Noah has been drinking as he should but has had virtually no appetite the last few days. Today he asked for Potato chips with parmesan cheese. Ate some of them then asked for tortilla chips. He was eating that and asked for tomato slices with salt. Mom and I were thrilled, “He is eating” Then he complained that the tomatoes hurt his mouth. ?? The Salt, was the issue, upon further examination we found blister-type lesions under his tongue and on the inside of his lips. The chemo treatment last week has started mouth sores. We immediately contacted his oncologist. We were told to keep him inside. Keep pets away, no touching his mouth with his hands or anything else. Monitor temps hourly, no Tylenol (they did not want to mask or cover up a possible fever. Make sure he drinks! One step forwards…..