Happy Plate

One of the side effects from the Chemo is the loss of appetite.  To watch Noah want to eat and then not be able to is more than a little frustrating.  He will tell us he is hungry and has an item in mind that he wants to eat.  Whether its chicken or mac and cheese or hamburger helper by the time you get the plate in front of him he cant eat it.  When he sees the food or smells it he becomes nauseous and cant eat or he will take a bite or two and then tell us he is full.  You know he is not but he just can not eat any more.  Generally it takes about 4-5 days before his appetite comes back.  During this phase that means he is already half way to his next round of chemo.  Noah is nothing short of amazing in his ability to tolerate all the trials his battle requires of him.  We are blessed to have such a strong and resilient young warrior.