Number are UP!

Noah had his Monday Cancer Clinic visit yesterday.  The Monday visits are to check his blood and see how he is doing.  If his numbers are down this allows the clinic to give him any meds or even transfusions before his Thursday Chemo treatments.

We received good news yesterday after his visit.  His numbers are rebounding as they expect.  He is still extremely low and his immune system is more or less nothing but, the tests show improvement over last week so Noah is progressing as expected.  We still must keep things sterile around the house to keep him safe but we are pleased that his progress is as they expect.  This is only week 3 of his treatments and we will not know till week 8 if the cancer cells are dying so we must still be vigilant.

We took our meds this morning fairly well.  Noah has medications he takes three times a day.  This has been the hardest of things to accomplish.  Mom has crushed some of the meds into Mint Chocolate ice cream and that helps hide the taste.  The other meds are tablets.  Noah has some issues with swallowing them but has been able to do the small tablets with not much trouble.  Today Mom (Gina) took the large tablet and cut it into two.  This made it easier for Noah to take.

I am sure Noah will become a pro at this before long.