Noah's Hair starting to grow back


Noah went to bed complaining of hip pain again and also saying he had pain in both arms. I was told that the steroids could be causing the bone pain…but if he continues to complain of the hip pain after next week (when the steroids are out of his system) they will need to do an MRI on his hips to find out what is causing the pain. When his hips hurt, he doesn’t want to walk and he becomes restless in bed and cannot get comfortable. I gave him some Tylenol to help. He’s sleeping now, so hopefully he can get some rest tonight! 🧡
Today was the first time I have seen him cry and so upset in the clinic. He is usually so happy and talkative. Today, he just kept crying and asking why this was happening to him! My heart breaks when he asks that, because I don’t have an answer for him. He’s just so humble and genuine, that when I see him not well or in pain…crying and telling me this is the worse time of his life…my insides just rip apart! I feel helpless when he feels like this and if I could trade places with him tomorrow, I would in a minute! I hope he gets some relief because his little body needs it. 🎗