Noah just finished the first part

Noah just finished the first part (4 weeks) of Delayed Intensification..!
Next Tuesday 6/29, Noah begins the 2nd part of Delayed Intensification and this lasts another 4 weeks. We will go into the clinic first thing for his counts. If his ANC is 750 or more they will proceed with this cycle. As of yesterday his ANC was 1690 so I am thinking he will be good to proceed.
He is scheduled for a LP (Lumbar Puncture) with IT (chemo). Then he will begin oral chemo (Thioguanine) and receive Cyclophosphamide (chemo) and Cytarabine (chemo) intravenously.
He will have to stay inpatient at the hospital for his first dose of Cytarabine and will have to be hydrated afterwards. If things go as planned he will be discharged the next day after another dose of Cytarabine and then he will have to go back to the clinic for the next two days to receive the other doses of Cytarabine. So four days in a row of receiving this chemo.
He will then have four days off and then back again to the clinic for another four days of Cytarabine.
I was told yesterday that Cytarabine will possibly push his ANC down to zero! So we will be back to being extra cautious of any kind of exposure to Noah!
I am hoping things go as planned so he will not have to stay longer inpatient. This cycle has been rough on him and we will be happy when he gets through this and onto the next cycle.
Here is an idea of what his “road map” of treatment looks like. This is what we arrange our schedule around. It’s very important to stay on schedule with his treatment plan.
They only focus on each cycle in that moment so parents do not get overwhelmed with all of the information. It’s a lot of information to learn and understand! I am so thankful that his oncology/hematology team is so amazing and they take the time to answer every single question/concern I have and explain everything so thoroughly. 🧡