Maybe today!

Jeff Thompson

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Today is day 10!
It is my wife’s hope and belief that Noah will be sent home today. He will be undergoing a spinal treatment and an IV Chemotherapy treatment today. The hospital was able to get his medications in tablet form and he was able to take them. They did not have to install a tube in his nose for medications and Noah was able to keep the medications down with some food yesterday. If Noah does get to come home today it will be a rough weekend for us all. He will be suffering the after effects of the Chemo on Friday and hopefully be able to get some food in his system on Saturday. Of course by Monday when he is starting to feel better it will be time to start all over again. Tuesday’s will be his Pre-Chemo treatments with steroids and blood transfusions to boost his system for the next round of Chemo on Thursday. This will be the pattern for the next two years. So far Noah has been a super trooper with his attitude and amazing spirit. He is scared about losing his hair but we will deal with that when it happens. My parents and my brother have been here nonstop the last two days helping me with all the household chores before they come home. We had to find a new home for our flock of 15 chickens and clean out the chicken pen and coops. Our home is (overall) very clean but Noah’s white blood cell count is 0.5. This means that even the slightest virus could be life threatening. So clean is not an option, everything must be SANITARY. So our family car is being scrubbed, the kids toys are being scrubbed, Walls, Bedding, Floors, Windows, Picture Frames and more are all being sanitized. The first few weeks home we have to keep Noah in (more or less) a bubble of safety. Thanks go out to my Mother, Father and brother Jon for all the help with this. If Noah and Mom come home today I will post an update tonight.