Where do I begin?  Gina and I try our best to be strong for Noah.  The stuff his little body is being put thru and the heartbreak for us is nearly intolerable, however, Noah shows us over and over what true strength and determination look like.  Today is February 26th.  This is the day after he endured THREE procedures at the hospital and three rounds of chemo.  He had a spinal injection of chemo, Then an injection of chemo in his PICC line.  Then they removed the PICC line from his arm and installed a port in his chest.  Then he had a round of oral chemo later that night.  We were bracing ourselves for a few horrible days yet his activity today has been the best in weeks.  His alertness and comprehension of his surroundings are simply amazing.  He checked into school and participated in his classes and is now playing 3D visual acuity games in the living room.  We have been out for a walk and some sunshine and fresh air!  This boy is nothing short of amazing.  I wish there were more people in the world with his outlook on life.  As my father used to tell me, “There is always someone whose situation is worse than yours”  Noah is a living example of that philosophy, he never complains about his situation.  Noah will save us all.