Tomorrow will be day 29 of induction!

Tomorrow will be day 29 of induction! Noah will get his bone marrow biopsy, LP (spinal tap) with IT (Intrathecal chemotherapy) in the morning around 10:30am. He then will receive Vinchristine (chemo) through his picc line.
If everything looks good (numbers etc.), which we are praying they will, he will begin the next phase of treatment which is Consolidation.
Below in the first picture is the first week into treatment. The second photo is 4 weeks later and a month on Dexamethasone (steroid). You can tell the difference with the weight gain and water retention. I know some people have asked and was curious about his weight gain and the steroid is the culprit. Within the next month, he should lose some of the water retention and the swelling will go down.
The reason we started this group was to allow
family and friends to follow Noah’s journey and to also help educate (as I learn myself) and maybe help others and pass along information on childhood Leukemia and how real it is!! You never know when the information I post may come in handy for someone else!
Keep Noah in your prayers for a safe and positive procedure tomorrow. Next week, he will get his port surgically placed in his chest.