Today was the first time

Today was the first time I have ever seen Noah so upset with himself and frustrated that his legs felt weak!
Three weeks into this new cycle, his legs began to hurt and feel weak again. Last cycle his legs felt so strong and there was no stopping him! Currently, the pain in his legs is no longer there but his leg weakness has not improved. He tires very easily. His energy is good but his legs just become exhausted so quickly. There is no specific reasoning for this except for it being a side effect of his treatment..!
But, we continue to go out everyday and ride his bike, run and play, use his scooter and hoverboard in order to try and regain the strength in both legs. He enjoys being able to do these things but it is tiring for him!
Today, he was so frustrated that he could not stay standing on the skis like he could last cycle! He cried to me on the back of the boat and said “I’m frustrated that I’m so weak!” And even though my heart broke for him, I told him how proud I was that he didn’t give up and that it is ok to have off days! He is always so positive and so motivated and to see him upset over something he has no control over was heartbreaking for me.
I will always be so proud of him! He is the strongest and most motivating little boy I have ever seen! Especially fighting a battle we know nothing about unless we have fought it ourselves! I will always help remind him of how special he is and that there is a light at the end of this tunnel! 250 days to go!