Time to THINK

While Noah sleeps, I have a lot of time to think. That’s when your mind just races and my emotions run high.
That’s why documenting Noah’s journey will help ease some of my worries and overthinking brain.
I know a lot of people have asked me the signs I noticed before I decided to take him to his pediatrician.
Noah has always been a healthy energetic kid. Full of energy and never taking naps. Had a great appetite and loved food.
Right before Christmas break, Noah spiked a fever for two days. No other symptoms. After two days of having a fever, I brought him in to be seen by his pediatrician. The nurse practitioner really couldn’t see anything causing the fever and figured it was a virus but decided to do a strep test. It came back positive for strep which shocked us because he has no sore throat. We treated it with antibiotics and that was it.
During Christmas break, Noah seems just very tired and didn’t have his normal energy. When he would go outside to play, he would get out of breath quickly and fatigued. He would just sit on the bench out front and not want to play. About a week later his appetite seemed to go down. He didn’t want any of his favorite foods or snacks as much as he normally would and if he did eat them it was a few bites and he was finished. The next thing I noticed was very pale skin and bruising. Not just a couple of bruises, there were like 20+ all over his legs and thighs. He then began to walk with a little limp and complain his ankles and knees hurt. I took him strawberry picking and he was exhausted within an hour. That is when I said something isn’t right and called his pediatrician to have him seen.
They ran several urine and blood tests. He showed that he was anemic. The labs that were sent out came back the following morning and I received a call from his pediatrician who told me things didn’t look good. His liver levels were very high. His platelets were so low along with his white blood cells etc. He told me he was calling the hematologist ASAP and to pack a bag and get ready to head to the pediatric hospital.
At this point, I still wasn’t sure what was going on but my gut told me it had to be something bad.