Super Wishes from Big Top & Crew



Hi Noah! You and I have not met but we’re kindred spirits. I was treated with Chemo & Radiation 2 years ago and I know the road ahead for you is scary and will be much different. With friends that understand you and our love and prayers surround you, this journey will be easier. Not easy but easier! ❤️ Also, keep your inner strength focused on returning to be a super Noah after this turn in the road!! Let the rest of us have your pains and your dreams so you and Eva and Mommy and Dad can be working through the hurts – stay strong inside because we’re here to help you!!
Your Dad flies balloons I hear – I’m also a Balloon Pilot and have a Balloon someday you might enjoy being my co-captain. Our Balloon is called “Big Top”. 🎪 We fill the skies with happiness from the Ringling Circus origin. It is a rare Balloon because it is hand painted with nine wonderful performing animals and the ‘RingMaster’ which is you and me!!
Stay strong my friend – be the Super-Noah and I’ll try to stop by this coming winter to meet you and shake your hand!! If your parents allow, I’d like to send you one of our Red Noses and our Pins. I’ll be thinking about you often once we get all this snow off the driveway – 22 “ buddy – I need you here to help me shovel this white stuff – whew!! Stay strong, give you sister and mom hugs all the time Because they need you!!! Give Dad a hug and shake his hand for me because he needs you more than you might know! Big Top will be flying in your honor in late April and we need you too – I always fly better with my co-captain/RingMaster!
Stay strong – nothing gets Super-Noah down for long!
Your Friend – Mark Whiting and Big Top