Sunday Feb 7th

We had a little rough patch last night but “The Amazing Noah” pushed his way thru it.  There was no doubt that he was nauseous but was able to keep his dinner down.  We were woken up at 3:30 am this morning by Noah asking if he could have Doritos.  He asked for Hamburger Helper at 6 am and had his breakfast (Of Hamburger Helper) at 8:15 am.  He then sat down and had a bacon sandwich with his sister at about 10:15 am.  The steroids he is on are meant to help him eat.  Apparently, they are working very well.  He will be on these steroids for his first month of treatment.  After that, we will need to make sure he eats.  The Amazing Noah is still having a little difficulty with his meds.  Each morning he must take 10ml of liquid medicine, three tablets (including his steroid), and powdered Miralax mixed in Mint/Chocolate ice cream.  The icecream helps hide the taste.   Each time he gets sick to his stomach at pill time but he pushes thru it.