Such a Fighter!

Noah trained this morning the day after taking Methotrexate! The weekly chemo he dreads taking because his body is so sensitive to it. He woke up this morning feeling good and ready to ski after a few days off.
He did great considering he took his methotrexate last night! He was focused and feeling strong even up to the very end…where his legs were just EXHAUSTED and he could not stand on the skis. He never let go of the bar and skied all the way back in the squatting position.
You can see it in his face at the end he was fighting his hardest to hold on and not give up until he made it back to the beach! Determination! He is amazingly strong and so determined with all of the treatment his body is going through! There is no doubt in my mind that he will grow up to be such a strong and determined man because of his motivation and strong willed mindset throughout his journey!
He truly is The Amazing Noah!