Only one YEAR

THIS FIRST PHOTO was taken exactly one year ago!
Hard to believe this was 4 months before Noah was diagnosed with Leukemia..!
I recreated the photo of Noah, in the same outfit to show the physical changes from
Four months after this photo was taken, my world stopped…I felt like I was punched in the gut and couldn’t breathe! I still feel like we are living in a nightmare and I’m just waiting to wake up!
This journey has shown the good, the bad…and the ugliness of cancer. There has been days where Noah was just so sick, but we chose not to post photos..! Its hard to watch…it’s hard to see a child so sick from the side effects of treatment. Some things we chose to keep private because it was too hard to share. I wish there was more awareness, I never thought any of my kids would be cursed with cancer…and yet here we are! Thank God for Noah! He is the glue that holds us all together emotionally throughout his journey. He is amazingly strong.
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month..! 🎗🧡