One Month Today

Today marks 1 month from the day Noah began his treatment against B-Cell (ALL)…! It seems so much longer because of everything I had to watch Noah go through and feel throughout his first month of treatment! I simply cannot put into words what it’s like watching your own child go through this treatment and not be able to take his pain or nausea away. All I can do is be there for him and comfort him in any way he needs me to..!
This week Noah will have his port surgery and we will move onto the next phase of his treatment…called consolidation. I cannot believe how strong and positive he is..! His perseverance and strength to get through this has been everything I have needed to be strong for him. I don’t know how I would be emotionally, if he wasn’t so determined to beat this!! When he has his bad days…they are so bad! His good days like today, where he has pain in his hips from his bone marrow procedure, and still tells me he is pushing through it…makes me so proud of his strength and so proud to be his momma..!!
God bless my son and continue to give him the strength he needs throughout his two year treatment!!!