Noah Prank’s his sister

Every once in a while Noah will do something that his mom and I are in tears laughing at.  Today was one of those days we will laugh about for years to come.  One of the special gifts someone has given to Noah was a VR headset.  For those of you who do not know this is a Visual Reality headset that shows you things in a full three-dimensional view.  There are 100’s of games you can play. We have found that this is a fantastic way to get Noah up and moving off the couch when he is not feeling well and needs to move around.  This VR headset has become a favorite item for both our children (Noah and Ava).

The prank Noah played on his sister takes a little bit of background information to understand.  The idea that he had the wherewithal to even play this prank was rather impressive!  First I must explain that Noah’s sister has been diagnosed as High Functioning Autistic.  On the surface, she very much appears like any other normal kid but she has some issues with some of her senses.  We call them “Triggers”  When she was in school one of her classmates was ill and threw up his lunch in front of Ava.  From that day forward the words “Throw up” or “Vomit” or any description of the action have become a Trigger for her.  Her reaction has often been one of tears or a full-blown meltdown.

So,  Here is the prank Noah played on her.

Ava was playing a game (on the VR headset) where she was in a kitchen preparing food.  She had a bunch of fruit in front of her that was rotten.  She yelled out to Noah, “How do I get rid of the rotten fruit?”  Noah yelled back, “You have to eat it!”  Noah then looked over at mom (Gina) and said, “I just pranked her”.  A few short moments later we could hear Ava yelling out “NOAH,….  O GROSS!!!!”  Apparently her character in the VR game had thrown up all the rotten food she had just eaten.  The grin on Noah’s face was priceless.  Gina and I were peeing ourselves laughing at what he had done to his sister.

How do you discipline him for that?  Heck Gina and I wished we would have thought of it.

Even with all the horrible stuff, we are having to endure, moments like this are the nuggets we live for.

Make your day a great day!