Noah fell asleep early tonight.

Noah fell asleep early tonight. He was complaining of side pain tonight. Not bad enough that we needed to call in or be seen, but just a bit uncomfortable he said. Like when he runs and gets side pain. He said his sides used to hurt in the beginning when he started treatment too. I will definitely bring it up at his next clinic check in.
But he is pretty beat from yesterday’s treatment and all tucked in for the night.
I pray this cycle isn’t too hard on his little body. I’m staying positive but have a gut feeling that this one may be a bit rough. 🧡
I’ll be honest, the first six weeks of his treatment was just horrible. I have flashbacks of how sick and lethargic he was! How he puffed up from the steroids and would shake. Ugh! When I see him laying around feeling sick, I cannot help but to see images of him during induction. It was so hard because there was nothing I could do to take that feeling away for him. He would just want me to sit next to him and rub his feet and that’s what I did. I sat there for hours rubbing his little feet and telling him how much I love him and how strong he is!! I pray he continues to do well and never gets to that point again.