Happy Tears!

I literally have happy tears pouring down my face!
Noah’s CBC came back:
WBC 1.35
Neutrophils 31.0
Platelets 79
Monocytes 7.0
Hemoglobin 9.6
ANC is 472 🤗
I am so amazed at his little body! His little body is so amazingly strong! Being here in the hospital just watching all the things he has to endure and he just always amazes me!
Just scary knowing he had zero immunity and worrying about a germ or bug getting to him….making this situation extremely worse! He was in the safest place he could be for the last 6 days.
Thankful he was happy, healthy and energetic this whole time…and just needed his body to get a bit stronger from all the chemo he had the last two weeks!! I have prayed so hard these last 6 days for his ANC to come up. I am very grateful right now!
Now, just to wait for the doctors to come in and give us an update and hopefully some good news about Noah being discharged..!!