Happy Birthday Noah.

I want to give a HUGE Thank You to every single person who helped make Noah’s birthday one of the best he has had! From the birthday wishes, birthday videos, gifts, and just the support you give our whole family!
You guys are definitely our village!
You all had Jeff and I choked up and filled with so many emotions with your kindness!
This has been the hardest year for our whole family. With the constant stress and worry with trying to keep Noah healthy so his treatments go smoothly.
The stress of covid that makes our situation even harder than it normally would be.
The emotional and mental stress of the financial burden with a diagnosis like this!
The stress I carry not only being a full time caretaker for Noah but making sure Jeff’s appointments and medications are taken care of because he is still not 100% after having his stroke.
Then homeschooling both kids while trying to take care of myself.
You guys have no clue how much your kindness, love and support for Noah and my whole family have helped us get through this difficult time!
I will never be able to express how grateful I am for every single one of you!
Noah had a great day! He played, had pizza, cake and went swimming in the pool! A fun filled day!
Thank you for following Noah’s journey and being a huge part of it!! 🎗🧡