Eating Like a horse

Today is Friday, Feb 12th.  The day after Chemo.  Noah woke up talking like an auctioneer.  It was all about food!  The effects of the steroid he is taking.  Gina was nice enough to make a run to Chick-fil-A for Noah since that was all he was talking about last night and this morning.  Noah sat with me at the kitchen table and ate a four-piece chicken mini’s and an order of hashbrowns.  Of course, he had Crystal Hotsause to put on the minis and catchup to dip the hashbrowns in.  He ate every last morsel.  He then started to feel nauseous and Gina have him some Benadryl to help.  He slept for about an hour and then woke up and finished the leftover Pizza and breadsticks from yesterday’s “Chemo Day” reward meal.  The poor boy’s face is so puffed up from the chemo but his bubbly and so very kind personality is a saving grace for us.  If he were not as strong as he is we both (Gina and I) would have a much harder time with this whole ordeal.

He is TRULY “The Amazing Noah.”