Coming Home

Today was another in-hospital procedure for The Amazing Noah.  A shot of chemo in the spine! fits him. Gina said that Noah insisted on walking out of the hospital on his own after his procedure. He had not quite fully come out of the anesthesia. He collapsed about halfway and rode the rest of the way in his wagon. The Amazing Noah would not quit till his little body could do no more. His determination and his wonderful personality are our saving grace.  He has the “drive” gene from my mother.  Go Go Go no matter what.  It is good to see him with the desire but at the same time sad to see his poor beat-up body pushed to its limits.  The Chemo has his poor sweet face so puffed up.  The Doctors and hospital staff are enamored with him!  He talks a mile a minute to all who will listen and his stories and humor have them all cracking up.  He is a superhero to us!