08-03 Clinic Day with Ava along.

With Jeff out of state, Ava had to tag along for Noah’s clinic visit. He is excited to show her off!!
Noah’s counts are great!
ANC 1900
Platelets 153
Since noah has had two months of great counts and higher than the range he should be in on the chemo (500-1500)..they will increase one of his oral chemos starting tonight. HIs methotrexate will be increased and he will follow up in two weeks to check counts and to see how they are holding with the increase. If his counts are still in range a few weeks from then, his other oral chemo will increase.
The insomnia could be from nausea waking him up during the night. We are going to try and give him zofran before bed each night to see if that helps him.
The leg weakness he is experiencing may just be the “feeling” of leg weakness and shakiness from treatment. His leg muscles actually feel strong but the treatment will make them tired quickly. We just have to continue to do all the thi mg s we’ve been doing to keep the strength built up.
Great clinic visit today. It was a little nerve racking for me being on a 4 week check in. But I survived 😆 The constant worry and what if’a never go away.
Here is Noah’s celebration dance with his special guest…Ava!